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Services We Offer

The Friendship Cabin offers a caring, friendly, stimulating, and welcoming service that allows vulnerable adults to socialise, relax and enjoy a variety of activities. The sessions are open to all ages from 18 years old.



A very popular feature for our members is entertainment when we have a range of artists who visit us to perform live. The vocalists are always welcome and enjoyed when they sing songs of all types and encourage our members to join them. The karaoke afternoons are also very much looked forward to when everyone is encouraged to sing a song of their choice.

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As we like to keep our members aware of some of the matters that they might encounter in everyday life, guest speakers are invited to give short talks.

These include discussions on dementia, fraud, diet, well being and personal care. These sessions usually have questions and answers when members are allowed to discuss their own personal matters.


Quizzes and Games

Testing our members knowledge on a variety of fun and interesting topics including animals, art, music, pop culture, general knowledge etc..

On certain days we have more relaxed sessions when we play games such as bingo, play your cards right, dominoes, cards and other board games.


Gentle Exercise

We offer a few physical activities using a number of items recently purchased which helps our members build a light exercise regime. We also use exercise balls, cycle, hula hoop and static walker for lower body movement. For those more capable, we play the occasional game of balloon volley ball, soft net ball and curling.


Arts and Crafts

We encourage our members to be creative and use their imagination when using handicraft items. This can be basic colouring , creating a design of any subject with beads (such as flowers, birds etc).

At various times such as Easter, Christmas and other important occasions  our crafts are catered to the event. Our members are happy to take their items home to show family and use for display.


Day Trips

As some of our members do not have the opportunity or are unable to leave their home environment, we make every effort to organise accompanied outings. We do this twice a year which may be to places of interest, or to the sea, or a festival and the day will always include light refreshments and a meal.

At every meeting, our members are served a light breakfast, two course meal which includes a hot lunch and a pudding and light refreshments.

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